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Ginkgo Haiku

Ginkgo Haiku

This week I bought a magazine called Happinez. There was an article in it that explained more about the Gingko walk. The Japanese people make this hikes in nature while there are getting inspired by nature to make haiku´s.

A haiku is a little poem that has 3 rules. The first rule has 5 syllables, the second 7 and the third rule has 5 syllables again.

So when I went out for a walk with my dog today I decided to focus on nature and hope that would inspire me to make a Haiku. The haiku I made up is in the Dutch language, but below I tried to translate it in English.

Ginko Haiku“Ik loop op een brug
naar boven en beneden
over het water”

“I walk on bridge
going up and down again
over the water”

What do you think about my first haiku? I enjoyed making it and it is a good way to focus the mind on nature instead of all the other things. I would love to read your haiku! Leave a message below 🙂

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